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Young & Divine => WINNERS!!!

The blog debate is over, the games have been done, as well as right away there’s usually the single things left to do.

Eat cheese.

Okay, may be we should make known the winners too. Got your crowd of cheddar out? Here we go!

Rafflecopter Winners

Cohlina Mae: Butterman Time Travel Inc. sealed copy

Elizabeth Barbarick: $25 Gift Card

Tammy Theriault: $25 Cheese

Leslie Rodriguez: Moonless

Kim Hong: Moonless

Steph Payton: Moonless

Truth or Lie
Kimberly Afe
Suzanne Furness
Angela Brown
Mystery Sentence Game
Winners will be contacted away around email.
Writerly Wednesday

Last week Sharon Johnston common dual truths as well as the single distortion about herself and those who guessed the distortion rightly were entered in to the pointless sketch to win the duplicate of her overwhelming book, Sleeper. 

The options were:

1. When she was young, Sharon was assured she was adopted since she looked so opposite from the rest of her family.
2. She herded an echidna opposite the road.
3. She played the nun in The Sound of Music for her propagandize play. 

And the distortion is:

#3. She essentially played Leisel, not the nun. Ooh, tricky, tricky! 

The leader is…

Congrats winners! And now, I’m off upon the essay retreat. I’ll be behind subsequent Monday after my brain has been amply emptied of all writerly awesomeness to show awards as well as fake during being human.

If we could go anywhere to only relax as well as create, where would we go?