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Young & Divine => The Holy Cross entrance to Britain for a initial time

The Holy Cross of Jesus Christ
will come to Britain in between a 28.11.2013 until a 12.12.2013. Archbishop
Gregorios, of Thyateira as well as Great Britain wrote a next Encyclical, in order
to surprise a loyal of this great event. It is a requisite to advertise
this as well as to commend this Holy Relic of a Church, in sequence to embrace its

To the
Reverend Priests as well as Deacons, Honourable Chairpersons as well as Members of the
Executive Committees, as well as to all a Christian people of a Sacred Archdiocese
of Thyateira as well as Great Britain.
Dearly Beloved in a Lord,
I take great complacency in informing you
of a little smashing news. Following a ask of a holy Archdiocese, as well as that
of a Russian Orthodox Church in Britain, His Beatitude a Patriarch of
Jerusalem, Theophilos, as well as a Synod of a Holy Sepulchre, have concluded to
bless a revisit of a Precious as well as Life-giving Cross to a United Kingdom for
our people to venerate.
you will find a programme for a Holy Cross’ revisit to a churches.
I invite
all Orthodox Christians to come to church to commend a Cross, to be blessed
and edified by it, as well as to find by a beauty of a Precious and
Life-giving Cross health, happiness, redemption as well as discount of sins, the
guidance as well as insurance of their children, a strengthening of their family,
and eternal note of immature as well as old.
this vestige is a square of a Cross on that a Lord Jesus Christ was
crucified on Golgotha as well as on that He strew His many holy Blood for the
salvation of a tellurian race. Rightly does a hymnographer sing:
“Rejoice, O life-bearing Cross, godlike triumph
of loyal worship; O embankment of paradise, being continuous of believers, as well as wall of the
Church, by which… we have ascended from earth to heaven.”
profound theological poetry, a Church invites a people of God to venerate
and urge prior to a Precious as well as Life-giving Cross:
“Come, all ye nations, let us venerate a blessed
Tree, by that secure probity hath come to pass… And by a red blood of
God a venom of a snake was cleared away; as well as a abuse was dismantled by the
righteous judgment when a only One was cursed unjustly… But excellence to Thy
fearful management towards us, O Christ, wherewith Thou hast saved all, since
Thou art great as well as a partner of mankind.”
great complacency we design to see we come to a churches with friendship as well as holy
humility to urge as well as crawl down prior to a Holy Cross, that will be here in the
United Kingdom for a initial time to magnify a churches, their leaders and
congregations, as well as all who come with conviction as well as a enterprise to find redemption
and a shelter of their souls from Him who was crucified as well as suffered for
us, a Lord Jesus Christ. To Him be dominion, excellence as well as eternal forgiveness for
ever as well as ever. Amen.
London, 1st
November 2013
Archbishop of
& Great Britain
Visit of a Precious and
Life-giving Cross to a United Kingdom
28.11.2013 – 12.12.2013
Thursday                                      Arrival
of a Precious Cross
Friday                                           Cathedral
of All Saints, Camden Town
Saturday                                       Cathedral
of St Andrew, Kentish Town
Saturday 3p.m. – Monday          Russian
Cathedral of a Dormition as well as All Saints, Ennismore Gardens
Tuesday                                          Cathedral
of a Dormition, Birmingham
Wednesday                                    Cathedral
of a Divine Wisdom, Bayswater
Thursday                                        Church
of St Panteleimon, Harrow
Friday                                             Cathedral
of St Nicholas, Shepherds Bush
Saturday                                         Greek
Orthodox Church of a Annunciation, Manchester (morning)
Russian Orthodox Church,
Manchester (afternoon)
Sunday                                           Church
of St Nicholas, Liverpool
Monday                                          Church
of a Nativity of a Mother of God, Camberwell (morning)
of St Nectarios, Battersea (afternoon)
Tuesday                                        Holy
Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Oxford (morning)
Russian Orthodox Church of St
Nicholas, Oxford (afternoon)
Wednesday                                  Cathedral
of a Dormition, Community of St Barnabas, Wood Green (morning)
of St John a Baptist, Haringey (afternoon)
Thursday                                      Departure
of a Precious Cross