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Louise Goffin => Louise Goffin

Please do check out a brand new territory upon Louise Goffin’s alternate singular mixes, right during a bottom of post… Cheers!

Louise Goffin – Kid Blue
Asylum 6E-203 (1979) – US LP

Side One

1 – Kid Blue
2 – All I’ve Got To Do
3 – Hurt By Love
4 – Red Lite Fever*
5 – Remember (Walking In The Sand)*

Side Two

6 – Jimmy And The Tough Kids
7 – Angels Ain’t For Keeping
8 – Long Distance
9 – Trapeze
10 – Singing Out Alone

Louise Goffin – Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Lee Sklar – Bass (4, 5)*
John Pierce – Bass
Kenny Edwards (as Ken Edwards) – Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals
Dean Cortez – Bass
Mike Porcaro – Bass
David Kemper – Drums (4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
Mike Baird – Drums (as Michael Baird)
Russ Kunkel – Drums
Steve Lukather – Guitar
Danny Kortchmar – Guitar, Electric Guitar, Guitar (solo)
Waddy Wachtel – Guitar (solo)
Michael Landau – Guitar, Guitar (solo)
David Paich – Organ, Piano
Peter Robinson – Synthesizer, Electric Piano
Don Grolnick – Organ, Electric Piano
Andrew Gold – Organ, Synthesizer
Bob Mayo – Piano
Peter Asher – Percussion
Curtis Coleman – Background Vocals
Jorge Calderón – Background Vocal (as Jorge Calderone)
John David Souther – Background Vocals (as J.D. Souther)
Don Henley – Background Vocal
Carole King – Background Vocal

Produced by Danny Kortchmar

David Campbell – String Arrangement (10)

Dennis Kirk – Recording Engineer
Butch Lynch – Second Engineer
George Ybarra – Second Engineer
Rick Powell – Second Engineer
Serge Kreyes – Second Engineer
Gabe Veltri – Second Engineer (as Gale Veltri)

Recording Studio:
The Sound Factory

Andrea Farber – Production Assistance
Tim McCarthy – Production Assistance
Cori Glazer – Production Assistance
Debbie Sommer – Production Assistance

Ron Coro – Art Direction, Design
Gary Heery – Photography

Louise Goffin
Billy Hipple
Danny Kortchmar (also as Daniel Kortchmar)
John Lennon
Paul McCartney
George Morton

source/pic: my records

Louise Goffin – Louise Goffin
Asylum 6E-333 (1981) – US LP

Side One

1 – I’ve Had It
2 – Dog Town
3 – Runaway Boy
4 – If You Ever Did Believe
5 – Dizzy, You’re A Dreamer

Side Two

6 – Geisha Girl
7 – Baby, Come ‘Round To Me
8 – Johnny Can’t Make Her*
9 – Rockin’ On The Strand
10 – Might As Well Pass By

Louise Goffin – Vocals, Background Vocal, Guitar
Leland Sklar – Bass (8)*
Eric Wallengren – Bass
Kenny Edwards – Bass
Bob Glaub – Bass
Tim Drummond – Bass
Mark T. Williams – Drums (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Danny Kortchmar – Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Dennis Herring – Guitar, Electric Guitar
Bill Olvis – Guitar, Background Vocal, Piano, Harmony Vocals
Michael Landau – Electric Guitar, twelve String Guitar
Dan Dugmore – Pedal Steel Guitar, Guitar
Waddy Wachtel – Guitar
William D. Smith – Piano, Organ
Michael Boddicker – Synthesizers, Accordian
David Lasley – Background Vocal
Arnold McCuller – Background Vocal
Stevie Nicks – Background Vocal
Sharon Celani – Background Vocals

Produced by Danny Kortchmar
Dennis Kirk – Co-Producer

Dennis Kirk – Recording Engineer
Jamie Ledneer – Additional Engineering, Assistant Engineer
Gene Meros – Additional Engineering, Assistant Engineer
George Ybarra – Assistant Engineer
Peggy McCreary – Assistant Engineer
David Leonard – Assistant Engineer
Niko Bolas – Assistant Engineer

Recording Studios:
Record One
Sunset Sound

Mixing Studio:
Record One

Bernie Grundman – Mastering Engineer

Mastering Studio:

Management by Lewis Kaplan Enterprises Inc., Lewis Kaplan, Lori Higgins, Mark Hammerman

Jimmy Wachtel – Art Direction & Design (for Dawn Patrol)
Randee St. Nicholas – Album Photography
Gloria von Jansky – Lettering

“Special Thanks to Lori Higgins as well as Cori Glazer, Debbie Sommer as well as a staff of Record One. Bill Robinson, Debbi Whitson as well as a staff of Sunset Sound. Neal Leven as well as Associates, Lisa Abramson, Michael Rosenfeld as well as Emily J. Shenkin. Greg Ladanyi as well as Jim Nipar. Thanks again for a underwater comforts supposing by The Sekulers of Valley Village. Special Thanks to Mark Hammerman as well as a complete staff of Elektra Records. Also, Thanks to R&R Express.”.

Louise Goffin
Carl Bonura
Ray Ceroni
Gerry Goffin
Danny Kortchmar
Stevie Nicks
Bill Olvis

source/pic: my records

Alternate Single Mixes

“Remember (Walking In The Sand)” – US 7” vinyl promo singular – stereo mix

“Remember (Walking In The Sand)” – US 7” vinyl promo singular – mono mix

Louise Goffin
Remember (Walking In The Sand)/Remember (Walking In The Sand)
Asylum E-46521-A (1979) – US 7” vinyl promo single

stereo side

1 – Remember (Walking In The Sand)* - stereo mix

mono side

2 – Remember (Walking In The Sand)* - mono mix

Notes: 1) This is a promo singular by Louise Goffin expelled in 1979. 2) Song was taken from a manuscript “Kid Blue” (see entrance above). Please impute to which album’s entrance for some-more minute musician credits. 3) The chronicle of “Remember (Walking In The Sand)” upon this singular recover is not an edit.

Louise Goffin – Vocals
Lee Sklar – Bass (1, 2)*
David Kemper – Drums (1, 2)

Produced by Danny Kortchmar

“From Her Album “Kid Blue””.

George Morton

source/pics: my records

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