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AMY MACDONALD => Concert Review: Martin as well as James (supporting Amy MacDonald)

Hey guys,
as many of we already know – I went to Cologne yesterday to see Martin as great as James perform.

I was formulation to write a full examination of their set as great as Amy MacDonald’s yet as we didn’t locate Amy’s full show, we only motionless to write a some-more laid behind examination with personal impressions.

The highway outing to perfume was flattering opposite to a common as a streets were horribly swarming as great as finished me arrive most after than planned.
When we eventually arrived (after what felt similar to 4 days yet unequivocally was only 4 hours) as great as met up with a crony it was time to conduct inside to speak Martin as great as James.

It was a initial time for me to speak artists face to face as great as we substantially can suppose that we was utterly a bit terrified/nervous.
But what can we say? The guys have been positively lovely, garrulous as great as unequivocally loyal. 
The speak was filmed so I’m starting to upload which as shortly as we get a accomplished product. Really vehement to see how it incited out. 

For now, here have been only dual tiny impressions of what a speak was like:

This was right subsequent to where a speak was done. Super great mark where no pre-gig disharmony was to be found.
(Sadly a ducks didn’t wish to answer any questions … may be I’ll try again a small day.)

Right after a interview. : )

Soon a uncover proposed and being in front quarrel surrounded by alternative fans was unequivocally nice. It was so smashing to have song lovers to speak to as great as get to know a bands they like.
Nothing is improved than pity music.

Martin as great as James proposed with “Maybe It’s Time” which happens to be a single of my prime songs. (You’ll listen to a word “favourite” utterly mostly when it comes to articulate about their songs!)
Due to small technical difficulties there was a tiny mangle thereafter yet a throng was enjoying how great they rubbed that. 
When they played “Wrong Directions”, a pretension lane of residence in a silt we got unequivocally happy. (I’ve been happy all a time though…)

But a prominence was when they asked a throng to sing along to “Matilda” as great as after tiny misunderstandings in a commencement it worked out so well.
I could discuss it a throng was unequivocally in to it. At slightest a people subsequent to me had fun singing a familiar carol similar to there’s no tomorrow. we enjoyed that.
The setlist:
Maybe It’s Time
Crashing Into Love
I Have To Fall
Wrong Directions
My Dog Don’t Like The Rain
Cynical Skin
Life’s A Show

Here’s a video of M&J behaving “Matilda” together with a poetic crowd. we had a great time singing along. (Filmed by Marvin)

What would a examination be though pictures? Yeah, a examination though pictures. Right.

But anyways – here have been a small of a ones we took.

As we were handing out a small flyers to foster a manuscript as great as debate as great as still had a small left thereafter we motionless to caterer a cars in a parking lot.

And we took which unequivocally serious!
And this is a final design taken… Cologne, appreciate we for regularly being great to us. Will be behind soon.
And we unequivocally have to contend a big large large interjection to Ryan, Martin & James - we have been zero yet smashing to me as great as we substantially can’t even appreciate we enough. we goal we know what for as great as we goal we similar to this post.

So we goal we all enjoyed celebration of a mass this as great as a final thing we have to discuss it you:

stay tuned for a speak as I’m formulation to give divided a small M&J something good to eat then.

Thanks everyone, though constant readers similar to we there wouldn’t be any reason for me to do things similar to this. It unequivocally equates to a universe which a small of we care. : )