For King & Country => Alternate Best Actor 1964: Tom Courtenay in King & Country

Tom Courtenay did not embrace an Oscar nomination, notwithstanding being nominated for a BAFTA as good as winning a Volpi Cup, for portraying Pvt. Arthur Hamp in King & Country. King & Country is in effect nonetheless terribly dour film, even for a movie of a type, about justice organise of a male indicted of desertion. Tom Courtenay was utterly a adventurous actress in his run in a 60′s starting from his good opening as a ridiculous juvenile drifting immature male in Billy Liar to his opening here as World War you infantryman whose reason up is upon a line after he has been held perplexing to shun a war. Unlike Dirk Bogarde who has a impression arc, Courtenay’s opening is technically all in his origination of a state of Private … Read entire article »


For King & Country => Alternate Best Actor 1964: Dirk Bogarde in King & Country

Dirk Bogarde did not embrace an Oscar assignment for portraying Captain Hargreaves in King & Country. Dirk Bogarde plays a unequivocally identical purpose to Kirk Douglas’s sense Colonel Dax in Paths of Glory. Bogarde plays Captain Hargreaves who has been allocated to urge a craven Private Hamp (Tom Courtenay) in front of a justice marshal. Like Douglas’s sense in a progressing film, Hargreaves is fundamentally fighting an already mislaid means as a troops coronet seems to have had their thoughts done up already. Although they have been identical in pursuit they have been unequivocally opposite in that Douglas’s sense is a most some-more indifferent particular as good as is 100 percent during a back of his … Read entire article »

For King & Country => For King & Country

A integrate of posts ago you told you all about the single of my greatest purpose models, Moriah Peters. A month ago she got tied together which was unequivocally sparkling for me as well as all of her fans. you knew she was marrying the Australian, declared Joel, from an additional Christian Band the single of my friends had told me about. Little did you know which which rope would be during the Youth Evangelism Conference you was starting to final weekend. The rope is called, as you might have guessed from this post title, for King & Country. They have been incredibly gifted as well as their song is so powerful. you got to see them … Read entire article »

For King & Country => Once Upon the Time..For King as well as Country

Once Upon the Time Season 3 Episode 5: “Good Form” In the fairyback, you have been introduced to Lt. Killian Jones, the part of of the little nation’s navy, as well as his hermit Liam, the captain.  They have been underneath orders to set cruise for Neverland, regulating the cruise assembled of Pegasus feathers which allows the boat to fly, as well as collect the plant which is ostensible to reanimate any illness.  However, when the brothers strech land, they have been greeted by Peter Pan, who, when shown the sketch of the plant, warns them which it is the lethal Dreamshade.  Liam disregards Pan’s warning, as well as the brothers transport in to the jungle … Read entire article »

For King & Country => Musical Monday – For King as well as Country’s “Hopes What We Crave”

“Hope Is What We Crave” by For King as well as Country Hope sleeps but me Her honeyed dreams approximate me, But I’m left out I’ll need the repair now To believe, to feel These bedrooms have been dim now These halls have been hollow, And so am I She is tough to find now To believe To see Hope is what you crave, as well as which will never change So you mount as well as wait I need the dump of beauty to lift me today, A elementary strain to say It’s created upon my soul: Hope’s what you crave I won’t spin to dirt now Let these tears decay right away upon my face Give me the hint now To believe To see Hope is what you crave, as well as which will never change So … Read entire article »

Young & Divine => Jane a Baptist

It was 3 PM. She was ready to go in imitation pajamas, lonesome over by a plaid bathrobe, over which was a tattered, contaminated apron. Her furry slippers had seen improved days, as good as her hair hadn’t seen a brush or brush in a while. We had been chatting about this as good as which during her kitchen table when, utterly suddenly, she brushed in reserve a wisp of her gray hair from her face as good as giggled similar to a schoolgirl. “Oh, dear,” she said. “It seems I’ve lost to put in my teeth. I’m so gentle though them which you never wear them around the house.” She giggled again, “Sometimes, you even dont consider about to wear them to the marketplace as … Read entire article »

Young & Divine => WINNERS!!!

The blog debate is over, the games have been done, as well as right away there’s usually the single things left to do. Eat cheese. Okay, may be we should make known the winners too. Got your crowd of cheddar out? Here we go! Rafflecopter Winners Cohlina Mae: Butterman Time Travel Inc. sealed copy Elizabeth Barbarick: $25 Gift Card Tammy Theriault: $25 Cheese Leslie Rodriguez: Moonless Kim Hong: Moonless Steph Payton: Moonless Truth or Lie Kimberly Afe Suzanne Furness Angela Brown Mystery Sentence Game Winners will be contacted away around email. Writerly Wednesday Last week Sharon Johnston common dual truths as well as the single distortion about herself and those who guessed the distortion rightly were entered in to the pointless sketch to win the duplicate of her overwhelming book, Sleeper.  The options were: 1. When she was young, Sharon was … Read entire article »

Young & Divine => The Holy Cross entrance to Britain for a initial time

The Holy Cross of Jesus Christ will come to Britain in between a 28.11.2013 until a 12.12.2013. Archbishop Gregorios, of Thyateira as well as Great Britain wrote a next Encyclical, in order to surprise a loyal of this great event. It is a requisite to advertise this as well as to commend this Holy Relic of a Church, in sequence to embrace its blessing. To the Reverend Priests as well as Deacons, Honourable Chairpersons as well as Members of the Executive Committees, as well as to all a Christian people of a Sacred Archdiocese of Thyateira as well as Great Britain. Dearly Beloved in a Lord, I take great complacency in informing you of a little smashing news. Following a ask of a holy Archdiocese, as … Read entire article »

Young & Divine => Young as well as Divine

Young as well as Divine 成員::JP Clark – Vocals/BassJake Mai – Lead Guitar/VocalsJoe Bortscheller – Drums類型:Rock/Pop家鄉:Albany, New York唱片公司:RCA Recordsfrom:facebook … Read entire article »